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In this digital era E-mail plays vital role, even brand awareness campaign there days can be done by email marketing. Email is the baseline of communication in the corporate world. Email marketing is very cost effective and cost efficient as well. You can keep in touch with and retain existing customers and divert new clients with the help of email marketing for your business, Email marketing offers you the best returns compared to other marketing strategy. The biggest advantage of using email marketing is, you can track your reach, impressions, and derived traffic.

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We at Xplint Digital Solutions providing email marketing services in Pune, offers you the best email marketing campaign that can drive clicks and most importantly conversion for your business. Our team knows what suits you best. The traditional email marketing technique is totally fed up these days, the mass emailing can be treated as spam. Email marketing is totally renovated and redesign,  it will help you create a positive image on your audience.



Service offer of Email Markrting


Inform your activity with email marketing on regular basis to the customer, employe who are interested in.

html template for responsive
HTML Templates

E-mail is composed like a website which includes colors, graphics, table, columns and links.


Track your recipient activity with the help of tags, which will you understand the behavior of audience.

Dedicated IP Address

Deliver our email to specific segment with dedicated IPs, in addition to more control over campaign.


Execute email sending, automated on desired time with the help of precise tools and unique technique offered by xplint.


Respond to the audience with auto responder, so that your audience get instant reply.

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